Alexander Rechberg

evolution of noise

Cities are noisy. Frankfurt is noisy. Traffic, people, radio, tv, cell­phones, internet…
The media facade of the Sparda-Bank Hessen headquarters visualizes this invisible, ubiquitous noise by varying brightness, light colours and movements.

For this purpose we collected frequencies and sounds in the urban space of Frankfurt to generate (procedural) animations. All frequencies and noises were composed into a 10 minute soundtrack. To give the spectator the full audiovisual experience of the city’s noisescape we programmed a web app for synchronized playback. The multiplatform (Windows, Apple, iOS, Android) web app made use of HTML5 media playback, connected to a server backend via JavaScript.

Video documentation:

In collaboration with:
  • Daniel Becker
  • Nils Becker
  • Matthias Gerding
  • Michael König
  • David Murmann
  • Matthias Schulz